Jason Mark, Writer-Farmer



photo of Jason writing next to an arctic river


Here’s a selection of reported features, essays, and book reviews I’ve written.

On Nature & Wildness

Wifi in the Woods, The Atlantic

Happy Trails, The New York Times

In Public Lands Is the Preservation of the Republic, Sierra

Can Wolves Bring Back Wilderness?, Scientific American

The Garden Reconsidered, Sierra

On Energy & Climate

Will Courts Hold Oil Companies Accountable for Climate Change? The Los Angeles Times

Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke, The New York Times

The Case for Climate Reparations, Sierra

The Climate Wrecking Industry, The Nation

Digging for China, The American Prospect

Disaster on the Half Shell, The Progressive (pdf)

On Food & Farming

Myths-Busted: Clearing Up the Misunderstandings about Organic Agriculture, Scientific American

What's Growing On?, Gastronomica (pdf)


The Paris Climate Negotiators Should Go Take a Hike, The Washington Post 

Climate Fiction Fantasy, The New York Times

Back from the Dead, Earth Island Journal

Showdown at Standing Stone Camp, The American Prospect

Letter from California: Field Notes from a State in Drought, The Progressive